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Technical Information

Preparation of the surface

Plaster or Mortar

The surface must be dry, level, free from dust, grease and mold. If one of these conditions mentioned is found, proceed as follows:

  • Grease or fat stains: wash with a solution of water and neutral detergent, rinse and allow to dry.
  • Moldy parts: wash with a solution of bleach, wait 6 hours, rinse well and allow todry.
  • Cement blocks: even out the spaces formed by the joints.
  • Plaster: Allow time to cure if the plaster is new. Line suggested: 3:1 (average sand: cement.)
  • Mortar: for external application, we recommend the ACIII mortar. If it is new, allow time to cure.

After the surface treatment and verification of suitable conditions for the application of the ECOGRANITO, apply the Ecoprimer (sealer) before the application of the ECOGRANITO coating, as described below:

Application of the Ecoprimer

  • Do not dilute. Product ready for use.
  • Mix with hands beforehand. Use gloves or mixers.
  • Apply two thick coats.


The application should be done with a roller or brush, with intervals of 6 hours between each coat.
The yield depends on the regularization, roughness and porosity of the substrate.


  • 30 m²/ barrel of 20 kg/ 2 coats.
  • 7.5 m²/ barrel of 5 kg/ 2 coats.

Clean the accessories with water and neutral soap.

The drying time may vary depending on the climate:

  • Dry-to-touch time (between coats): 6h.
  • Final drying time: 24h.

NOTE: or the application of metallic materials, anti-rust (Hammerite) should be applied before the Ecoprimer, so as to cover the entire metal surface to prevent rust. If only certain parts of the surface are metallic, apply the Hammerite on them, and then apply the Ecoprimer.


The division of the plane, to be applied into quadrants, to imitate the slabs of ornamental stones, has the following process:

  • Wait for the drying after the last coat of the Ecoprimer and only then take the measurements of the quadrants.
  • Put on the measurements, using the double-sided foam tape.
  • Without removing the tape from the place, apply the Ecogranito according to the guidelines of the next section.
  • After the application of the Ecogranito, remove the tape and straighten the sides.
  • The locations at which the tape has been removed, remove the surface to show the Ecoprimer previously applied, giving the impression of grouting.

NOTE: This step of defining quadrants is unnecessary if the customer wishes to apply a single plane, without the definition of frames that imitate the sizes of granite stones.

Application of the Ecogranito

  • Do not dilute. Product ready for use.
  • Mix with hands beforehand. Use gloves. Do not use any type of mixer. Never use propeller mixers, because they can crush the flakes that make up the product.
  • Apply a single coat.


  • Apply approximately 2 mm of Ecogranito over the dry Ecoprimer, spreading with the stainless steel planer.
  • Deposit the material on the surface and smooth it until the final finish.Thicknesses exceeding 2mm may result in the appearance of cracks and smudging of the product
  • Constantly wet the planer to facilitate the smoothing and to prevent the product from drying on the tool.

The yield depends on the regularization, roughness and porosity of the substrate.
Yield: 4.5m²/ barrel of 20 kg/ single coat.

Accessories/tools: Planer and/or stainless steel spatula.
Clean the accessories with water and neutral soap.

The drying time may vary depending on the climate:

  • Dry-to-touch time: 12h
  • Final drying time: 7 days
  • Cure of up to 60 days

Recommendations: Do not apply the ECOGRANITO and Ecoprimer on rainy days, with temperatures below 10°C, above 40°C or with relative air humidity above 90%.


Physical state: Liquid.
Consistency: Pasty.
Color: According to the color catalog.
Odor: Characteristic.
Ph: 8.5 – 9.5
Solubility: Soluble in water.

General Information

Basic composition: acrylic resin, coalescents, thickeners, non-metallic microbicides, mineral inert loads, inert pigments and water.

Expiry date: 12 months, this could be extended if stored in a dry, cool place. Once opened, keep the product well closed to avoid dryness and contamination by bacteria.

Warranty: ECOGRANITO INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA ensures the quality of the products against manufacturing defects. In cases in which all the stages of application as described in Technical Bulletin REV011 have been followed correctly, the company provides a warranty of 5 years. In other cases, the company does not assume responsibility for the performance of the work, since it does not have direct control over the conditions of application. Any reimbursements will be limited to the value of the product.

If there are any doubts about the product or application, the technical team ofECOGRANITO is available to assist you.

Technical Department: +55 31 3223-2000 / +55 31 3342-3000 / +55 31 98705-9196
Cleaning: The product applied and cured can be cleaned with water and neutral soap, even with water under pressure. Other cleaning products should not be used.
Packaging: 20 kg barrels, 5 kg barrels.
Toxicological information: low toxicity.

First Aid

In case of contact with the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If there is skin irritation, changes to respiration or ingestion, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention immediately.

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  • Simple application, in a few steps.
  • High productivity of manual labor: Average yield of 30 m²/ day of product applied by a professional.
  • Low rate of loss and waste during the application, due to the high adherence and viscosity of the product.
  • Adherence on various surfaces. The product can be applied on various materials: Plaster, concrete, wood, glass, metal, Styrofoam, plastic, ceramics, among others.
  • Application on surfaces of different formats: Unlike stones or ceramics, Ecogranito can be applied on round or deformed surfaces.
  • Without seams, retouching and repairs: An experienced applicator can do the application without any seams appearing.
  • Sustainability and ecology: The additives used in the formulation of products are chosen on the basis of their potential pollution, danger and smell, in order to minimize the impact on the environment, on the health and safety of the production teams, of the application and on the transporters of our products. In addition, ECOGRANITO reuses waste from quarries excavating marble and granite stones and has a water recirculation process during production.
  • Resistant to various types of weather.
  • Warranty: ECOGRANITO INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA ensures the quality of our products against manufacturing defects. The company assumes no responsibility for the performance of the work, in cases which do not comply with the steps of application described in this Technical Bulletin REV011, since it does not have direct control over the conditions of application.

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