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The advantages of using the

Versatility of surfaces

The coating can be applied in various formats, structures, surfaces or colors.


Due to the amount of resin, Ecogranito supports more movement and dilation, preventing the emergence and growth of cracks.


Modern textures with a final appearance surprisingly similar to that of ornamental stones.


Three times cheaper when compared to porcelain, five times more affordable than granite.


Our product is generated from the reuse of residues from the extraction process of granite and marble stones in quarries.


Modern Japanese technology developed by the chemical engineer Hiromichi Kano that was brought to Brazil as a pioneering form to be applied in the development of smart coatings.

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    The company was founded in 2009 by investors of the Group Las Casas and Hsieh Empire Participations, both with head offices in Belo Horizonte. Together, they brought the air-permeable smart technology created by the renowned chemical engineer Hiromichi Kano from Japan to Brazil and geared to the development of coatings.

    Since then, Ecogranito has developed and produced modern textures with the use of a technology already tested and adapted to Brazil. Our company offers the best when it comes to design, refinement, excellent cost-efficiency and, in particular, environmental conservation.

    Ecogranito products also stand out for theconvenience and versatility in their application. Unlike the installation of stones, the Ecogranito coating adheres easily to different surfaces (plaster, concrete, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and other), formats and sizes.
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    The colors used most

    It is always difficult to make the right choice with so many options of coatings, isn't it?
    Therefore, our specialized team wants to help you in this decision! Find below the comparison between one of the coatings of the highest standard, the Granite, and the Ecogranito.


    Application is fast and practical
    Its weight corresponds to 7% of the granite
    Flexible material
    Varied colors and possibility of developing colors on demand
    Can be repaired easily and with an imperceptible final result
    Application on various types of surfaces and formats
    Optional marking
    Can be applied with the use of stainless steel spatulas and planers
    Only requires one professional to complete the application with excellence
    Low investment compared to the stone


    Application is complex and time consuming
    Very heavy
    Rigid material
    Major environmental impact
    Fixed colors
    More time-consuming, complicated repair with a tendency to show visual discrepancies at the maintenance site
    Has restrictions of application on certain surfaces
    Marking required
    Requires a lot of equipment and manual labor for installation
    Demands two or more professionals to complete the application on vertical surfaces
    High investment


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